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July 5th 2019 - posted by William

For some months now Ive been working on a Mirage video and its now finished:




13.03.2018 - posted by William

For those interested I been working on a Party app for a long time now:

Party Time Drinking Game

I also added a discord server for MS: https://discord.gg/H94tVT6



16.08.2016 - posted by William

An attempt to recover the database is being made. Hopefully it should be back today or shortly.

Thanks for reporting it!

I also added a new counter just for fun. Enjoy!



12.12.2013 - posted by William

Mirage XNA joins the community. You can download the latest version of it on the forum!

Not many people knows MS is still around, so please feel free to get the word of mouth going.



30.05.2012 - posted by William

You can now access the Mirage Source website with the following domain:


The domain is currently being forwarded so it may take up to 1 day before the change is completed.



27.05.2012 - posted by William

Mirage Source is resurrected to live out it's remaining days in a relaxing environment where it can be remember for it's goodness.



14.03.2009 - posted by William

All the sections on the website is now working. However I would like someone to offer their help and try to create a new theme for the website. If you are interested in giving it a attempt; Contact me. In the case of a new website being made - the old website would still be accessible for you nostalgic members.

08.10.2008 - posted by William

Mirage Source 4 is in development and you can now support it by voting daily here:

04.06.2007 - posted by William

The new forum is up and running, phpbb3. You can change the theme if you dont like it from your profile. A Summer competition has also started, you can register for it on the forum. Go ahead and have fun.

05.01.07 - posted by William

I have now bought Mirage Source, so you will see a lot of changes. Good changes I hope, as well as new development on Mirage Source. Visit the forum for more information about Mirage Source and it's future.

07.31.04 - posted by Shannara

Ownership transfer complete. Forum software switched.

12.29.03 - posted by Shannara

Ownership transfer complete. Expect another one soon. New layout online.

12.29.03 - posted by Mikazuchi

Source Information & History section created and finished. This is a must read if you want to know about the Mirage Source.

12.29.03 - posted by Granite

First off let me welcome you all to the Mirage Source Help Site. For now only the main page and the forums will work, because the others are going to be worked on for a while. So until then please sign up and join the community of MirageSource.com.

12.29.03 - posted by Mikazuchi

Layout created. Ready to input information, and then upload.